It’s time to think smart,  that is Smart Home technology.

We here at Longbeach Electric believe some of the most important decisions in home and commercial wiring are to do with lighting and control.

Imagine shutting down all of the lights and sound in your home on the way out the door with the touch of one button.

Check out our product solutions page for some whole home control solutions that are totally affordable.

Lighting and switching can easily be taken for granted.  Not so with us.

We make it our priority to install lighting and switching systems that work for the customer and make sense to the user.

Whether it’s your new living room,  kitchen or even the bath there’s specific lighting ideas for specific tasks. Trust Longbeach Electric to design something that’s right for you.

Our installation services include:

Indoor Lighting :

  • Recess Lighting

  • Sconces

  • Chandeliers

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Generic Light Fixtures

  • Outlets

  • Deck & Patio Landscape

  • Dimmer & Timer Switches

  • Motion Sensors

  • Smart devices 

For an assessment or to get the services of an Electrician in the Nelson BC area, please feel free to Contact Us with your inquiries or question.