Whole Home Control


Imagine shutting down all of the lights and sound in your home on the way out the door with the touch of one button.

Discover a new world in lighting control.  Longbeach Electric is using one of the most advanced lighting control systems on the market by LUTRON.  Total home control is available to our customers an affordable cost whether your house is a new build or whether you would like to retro fit an existing home.  Using an affordable whole home system we can integrate all your desired lighting control, temperature control and automated window coverings from your tablet or smart phone.   Wireless controls can go anywhere,  preset themes can change an entire room’s ambiance in a push of a button or your whole home from your office or car.  Whether it’s convenience, security or energy conservation that appeals, it’s the best lighting controls in the world improved.

Lutron Website

Longbeach Electric is constantly investing in technology based learning and training in this ever expanding field.  Now is the time to join the cutting edge of home technology and wire your home for your families specific needs.

Window Coverings


Now that’s the ticket.  Blinds, blinds and more blinds.  Installed and hassle free.

Longbeach Electric is now adding motorized window coverings to it’s list of services.  Battery powered or direct power shades and blinds  are available by LUTRON.  Lutron’s unique system for changing batteries makes that process a snap and with only having to do it every five years it’s not  a big deal.  For the difficult to reach windows why not use a main power supply on a new construction or possibly retrofit an old one?  Lutron’s blinds are whisper quiet and of the highest quality.  The control potential to integrate with lighting and temperature control makes Lutron’s shades the industry leader.

Hire a professional Longbeach Electric to wire and install your motorized blinds.

Multi-Room Audio


The structured wiring market is continuously evolving, with consumers options increasing and prices becoming more affordable all the time.  Examples include multi-room home audio, automated window coverings and blinds, remotely controlled heat and lighting from mobile devices and energy saving options to control unneeded devices or circuits during those hours of the day when practical.